Speeding through Indy

Speeding through Indy

The last day of my trip was another speed tour. I met with three different investors and walked through everything from a boarded up squatter house to retail finished rehabs.  Indy is a thriving city with some really cool areas.  My favorite spot was Fountain Square, with it’s artistic-edgy vibe, eclectic restaurants, and proximity to downtown.  You can see the work the city has done to encourage recovery, and my photos from around town really capture the transition that all these places are making.

1. There are still neighborhoods where most houses are abandoned.


2. Restoration work is happening. The green house is boarded up, but the one next door is coming alive.



3. The city has torn down thousands of houses, and still has more to go.


4. Some vacant lots are being sold or turned into parks and gardens.



5. Others are being rebuilt with medium density townhomes or apartments to provide affordable housing for those who lost their homes.


6.Many retail and commercial spaces are also vacant.



7. But in downtown development is happening at full speed.


Indy is definitely the city where I saw the most progress which made me feel the most confident about investing in riskier areas.  If you’d like to hear more about my trip and the affordable investment deals available in these areas, please RSVP via email or Facebook for my Invest in the Midwest Recap happening next Monday 8/18.  For more photos including the $4k house and the World’s Largest Wind Chime, check out my trip photo album.

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