Free Planning Sessions 2015

Free Planning Sessions 2015

Planning – how does that word make your body react? Most people cringe at the thought.  But planning – meaning setting measurable, achievable goals and designing a strategy for attaining them – is key to success in all areas. You don’t decide to run a 10k, buy new shoes, and show up on race day. You set up a training schedule, find someone to coach you or keep you accountable, and then stick with it in order to succeed. Financial goals require the same discipline. Whether real estate is brand new for you, is part of your retirement plan, or is your key strategy for taking over the world (get in line) the best place to start is goals and action steps.

Fortunately for you, planning is one of my favorite past times. I love this time of year when everything quiets down over the holidays and I have a bit of time to focus on my goals for the year ahead. Every December I complete my own personal Annual Review (courtesy of Chris Guillebeau). I love that it is completely customizable and choosing a theme inspires me. The photo above is my living room floor this week – color coded note cards, vision boards, mind maps, oh my.  Apparently my personality type (INTJ) spends 30% more time planning than the average person, and luckily I also take action and am comfortable with risk so it all balances out. I’m the kind of crazy you want on your team when you need to get focused. 

So, I’m inviting you to schedule a free real estate investment planning session in 2015.

  • I will meet with you individually for 60-90 minutes to talk about what your short and long term goals are,
  • introduce different strategies for real estate investing (there are a lot!),
  • help assess your financial situation, and
  • create some action steps to get you started.


We will have a follow-up phone or video session in 30-90 days, and I will be available for email coaching throughout the year. I promise you’ll leave smiling and motivated, with tools and support, and yes, food and alcohol can be involved.

If you are ready to quit making excuses, stop simply dreaming, and start manifesting the success you want, schedule your session today.

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