How To Get Your Offer Accepted

How To Get Your Offer Accepted

Simply put, buying a home in a seller’s market is not fun. There’s very small chances of getting an offer accepted and you constantly feel like you might be paying too much. Most buyers settle in for the long haul while they watch house after house pass them by. They feel like they’ve tried everything to get their home, but nothing seems to be working. This is where you have to be creative.

Here are some different tips that you can try when stuck in the process of never-ending offers.

1. Pull at the seller’s heart strings. Even investors have a soul, so try to work that to your advantage. Things such as personal letters, pictures of your family, even if you just have furry ones can do the trick. Some people even try to personalize their presentation to each seller. Sometime facebook can tell you a lot. Sometime in the near future we’re going to submit craft beer with the offer. At the very least they’ll remember which offer that came with.

2. Similar to tip one, utilize some connection you may have with the seller. For instance being a veteran can be a huge benefit to you when buying a home. There are many stories of a veteran having a lower offer, but they get their offer accepted due to their seller showing their appreciation. If you have something special like this then make sure the seller is aware of it.

3. Make sure your agent is writing a great cover letter. This is different than the personal letter that you write. Your agent’s cover letter (initial email) to the listing agent should really play up the benefits of why you would be the best party for them to choose. Things such as being easy to work with, only looking for major problems, super well qualified, etc. These are all things that a great agent should be doing for you. If your agent is just sending an offer saying “Here is our offer for 123 Main”, you should probably rethink working with them.

4. Comment on something that you love about the home that you think gives the seller a lot of pride. This could be as simple as a color choice for the walls, but it can work. Many people put a lot of thought into how their home is set up. Giving them compliments can go a long way if you can pick out the right thing.

5. Have your pre-qualification or pre-approval taken care of when making your offers. Pre-approval is always the best since it says the lender has already seen most of your info and won’t be surprised by anything when you’re under contract.

6. Just be ready. If you want a home and things are moving fast then you better be able to get that offer in sooner than later. Even 1 day can make a difference when inventory is low.

If you’re having problems getting an offer accepted use some of the tips above. Many people have tried and succeeded by using them.

– Dan Mackin

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