4 Reasons to Buy in Denver this Winter

4 Reasons to Buy in Denver this Winter

The main reason people don’t shop for homes during the winter is traditionally there are fewer homes on the market. However, winter shopping has its advantages, and serious buyers can benefit from venturing out in the coming months..

#1 Motivated sellers

Homes for sale right now have either been listed since summer and have not sold due to being overpriced or the owners just listed because they really need to sell now.

#2 More Time with Your Real Estate Agent

While our agents always give their best to our clients, they can give you even more time and focus during the slower months which means more personalized service for you.

#3 Less Competition

Traditionally there are fewer homes listed during the winter, but Denver has such low inventory right now that the difference between summer and winter isn’t significant. What does matter is fewer buyers competing for those houses coupled with #1 which means more negotiating power for you.

#4 Hidden Problems Revealed

Going to see properties in the winter gives you the advantage of seeing problems that might not be apparent in good weather. Icicles will reveal leaky gutters. Cold spots and window condensation unmask inefficient heating systems. And you’ll know whether a condo maintenance team is on top of things if they’ve cleared walkways and stairs after a snowfall.

For the past four years the competition for properties has been highest in April to June. For the past two it has cooled off significantly by August and through winter. If you are planning on buying a home or investment property next year, consider getting your financing in order and doing some shopping this winter. It just might land you a bargain!

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