Biker Bar Rehab – first visit

Biker Bar Rehab – first visit

Biker bar front windowI officially became the new owner of the biker bar on Monday. My next step was to go visit it and walk through with my contractor. I flew to Indy and drove straight to the property. Lee was already there changing the locks. I was pleasantly surprised on the walk through. It’s a spacious house with a good layout so it just needs some love… and a new roof. We planned out where the bedrooms would go, how the kitchen would be laid out, took a lot of measurements, and washed our hands really well afterwards.

We then went and walked through three other houses for sale in the neighborhood, all at different prices, ¬†so I could better understand what type of renovation will sell at what price. It also helped my contractor and I get on the same page about the types of materials to use and what look we were going for. I’m excited because I think my house will look as nice as the most expensive comp but be priced much lower and hopefully sell quickly.

Today I’m taking of care of things like insurance and utilities and the guys were out in the snow putting¬†the new roof on. There is a lot of funky memorabilia, some of which I’d like to use as art when we stage the house. We will be marketing to hipsters after all and I think they’ll love that front door – but maybe in the laundry room instead of the living room.

Here’s a couple quick videos I took on my camera.

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  • Heather

    December 19, 2014 at 3:21 pm

    I love the paint colors they chose for the bar, lol. And yes, the door… a table perhaps?